I believe in miracles.  There’s just too much of Sunday School drilled in me.  Jesus walking on water, Jesus and the loaves of bread.  Jesus again- raising Lazarus from the dead.




My apron is almost done!  Tuesday was spent hemming the straps and then attaching them to the skirt.  At the haberdashery store in the East Village, a complete stranger showed me what to do.

img_3386 (complete stranger)

Angels.  Yes, I believe in them too.

img_3391 (angel)

Oh, hard work.


Yes, I believe in that as well.  At some point, I honestly believe, hard work will find fruition.  Unless one is utterly jinxed- i.e. working hard, but without awareness.


Up ahead:  imaginary museum description, object label identification, Medieval mutterings, Avedon presentation, fashion photography final, literary source essay, visual presentation, proposal for X, textiles final (more swatches!), textiles final essay (duration to be covered 25-50 years), textiles mood board to accompany essay, 18th century, Marie Antoinette, costume history final, costume history presentation.  Vermeer, I am on my way.

img_3815 (Young Woman with a Water Pitcher, c.1662)

Some days, I can’t help but think-


Maybe.  We should just move in.


Dr Chan brought my research from faraway lands-

  1.  Vintage kebaya that Spice found in Penang (thank you, Spice)!


2.  My books!


img_3605 (Ah… so comforting to find Trace’s hand-written note, from 2010!)

3.  My (1st) book!


And then he took me to the ballet…


I climbed up the stairs,


had a glass of fizz, fell promptly asleep.


I took him to the Whitney-

img_3727 (Carmen Herrera)

From the 6th floor, we inhaled New York.


He fed me Mexican-


I suggested, French.


He came along on a homework run-


walked the journey I make to school.


Before he left, he fixed things,


light bulbs, toilet seat, all the things I can’t be bothered to do.


One night we stayed up listening to jazz.


The morning after, I saw him in the sun.


Time slipped, slips.  The clicking of the front door shut.

Goodbye, miracle.  Goodbye, Angel.


Goodbye, Blog.

  •  Mexican at Empellon Taqueria, 230 West 4th Street
  • French at Tartine, 253 West 11th Street
  • Jazz at the Village Vanguard, 178th 7 Ave South
  • Carmen Herrera, “Lines of Sight”, at the Whitney Museum of American Art, 99 Gansevoort Street
  • ‘A’ is for Achar, ‘L’ is for Love can be purchased at http://www.ethosbooks.com.sg

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