There’s a new silhouette in town.  Lauren walks into a room; my eye goes immediately to her.

14612435_10154716098787112_1923260202874955504_o (photo credit- Lauren)

Her pants are loose, sits high, high on the waist.  The shoulders have structure, at times exaggerated with a jacket perched.  On more casual days, she’s not afraid to throw on an old-t, pom-pom for earrings, and always worn with a red/dark lip.


She tells me that she is a visual person, clothes help her express.  “I’m shy… I’d rather the clothes do the talking… I want people to understand something about me just by my appearance.”


I’ve not encountered this silhouette in London, nor in Asia.  The last time Generation X was caught in high-waisted jeans, it was the 80s.  Younger than Lauren then, my peers and I, I think we were trying to emulate, Madonna.

The millennial?  She does it better.


Then there is Lizanne Brown.  I saw her collection on-line and was moved by its elegant simplicity.  When I put her dresses on, I can’t help but marvel-


How did such a young woman know to cut, drape, and articulate, a very confident kind of sexy?


Mini dilemma:  How am I going to shoot the dress on location as I had said I would, without having body parts fall out, and more importantly, feel like myself?

Solution:  Slip on a t under a slinky slip dress and juxtapose it with mannish mules.


For Sunday Brunch-Whitney Date with the good doctor, I wore, Lizanne Brown.


I felt completely like myself- insouciant, at ease.


Tam looks very New Yorker… Sung texted Dr Chan.

She thinks she dresses more European, Dr Chan replied.

Verdict: Lizanne Brown = international ease and style.


Speaking of international style, during Fashion Week, I met another millennial- Chanel Joan Elkayam.  Winner of the 2016 International Fashion Designer of the Year, New York Fashion Awards, she was in town to present her SS2017 collection with 30 looks.

14466390_1233644749990760_57297758_o (photo credit- Chanel)

Currently a BA student at Central Saint Martin’s in London, Chanel’s eponymous label is centered on elegant, sophisticated and thoughtful evening wear.  I think she is going to move mountains.  Not only has she won a slew of awards for someone still so young, and already actively showing her work internationally, Chanel impressed me with her determination, unbridled ambition, hard work, and unfailingly polite manners.

14466214_1233644803324088_420775489_o (photo credit- Chanel)

I wish her the very best!

And if you happen to be in London this fall, and like handcrafted, locally-produced goods, Makers and Friends are popping up in Greenwich, November 1-12 at 7a Greenwich Market.  Zen (young, female, in-charge) does a successful job curating something special for just about everyone.  I had a meaningful time at her last pop-up, and wish I could help again.

IMG_8505 (Shopgirl, Makers & Friends, April 2016, wearing Hapiness Wherever by Zen Zhou.)

  •  Dear Readers, Kindly note, this will be the 3rd of final posts for the blog.  Thank you for stopping by.  

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