Battle Cry

Table situation since returning from DC looks like this-


To “keep on keeping on” (my therapist’s words of encouragement when shoving my arm through the most blinding of pain last year), I tell myself, You Will Be Here, Soon.



When you come, it is not possible for me to write.  You occupy too much space.  You obliterate, thoughts.


In you, there is shelter.  This time next week, you will be here.  I will curl against you, seek, rest.



Mid-week I received a boost.  I passed my textiles test!  The test in which the only swatches of fabric I recognized were, lame ( I love you), and tweed ( I love you more).  Then I spent 4 hours trying to stitch one of the ties to the elusive apron, only to butcher it.  The fabric kept shredding, my stitches a sight of misery, no matter how many times I began again, and again.


My mom asked me if I am the oldest student in my class.

img_2971 (photo credit- Lizanne Brown)

Absolutely.  It’s a small class; half of whom are my daughter’s age.


I watched Michelle’s speech.  It made me cry.  If you are a mother with a daughter, you would understand, how hard it already is to be a girl, how the first lesson you want to instill in your daughter is that of self-worth; how you try to do everything you can to protect her from harm, and all the lessons you try to teach about respect, about dignity.


I wish I had the right to vote.  I would vote for the candidate that has kept dignified and composed through this mess.



A class reading on modesty in dress, head coverings, and the role of uniforms directed memory.  2 years ago, a very special young woman was invited to my daughter’s school.


Here are the faces of young women with courage and dreams.  One has already blazed, blazed a path, a highway!  Look carefully, and find, the mothers, wives, friends, aunts, lovers they will become.  It’s an inspiring picture for me.

When God gives you a daughter, you don’t ever quit because your daughter fuels you with a sense of invincibility.  As I thought then, I still think now- the only way to teach a girl her true potential, is to work at realizing yours.

img_2961 (photo credit- Lizanne Brown)

  • Bruno was photographed at The Jefferson Hotel (dog-friendly with a cleaning fee), 1200 16th NW, Washington DC
  • Dr Chan was photographed at Le Jules Verne, Eiffel Tower, Avenue Gustave Eiffel, 7500 Paris

2 thoughts on “Battle Cry

  1. Hi Tammy,
    I’m glad that you had a good day with your textiles test.
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts on being a mother to a daughter, I think those words ring true–” the only way to teach a girl her true potential, is to work at realizing yours.”
    I shall remember this when I get tired and want to just hibernate for a year. But time is ticking and my daughter is watching.


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