Finding Balance: 24 Hours, DC

Monday, 09:35 Penn Station.  It’s our 1st time on the Amtrak.  The platforms are not announced until 15 minutes prior to departure, which then creates an uncivilized rush for the trains.  Seats are on a 1st-come, 1st-serve basis…  If traveling with the faithful dog, there’s paper work to be filled out.


13:15, arrived.

img_3157 (Union Station)

14:00, Reception-  What brings you to DC, Miss Wong?



For Class X, I’m entrenched in the Golden Age of the Dutch Republic.  The paper I submitted ahead of its due date only because it takes forever for me to write, and because I can’t write when Dr Chan gets here (soon, soon!), opened a Pandora Box.  As suspected, I am going to have to do a re-write, and another re-write.  To clear my mind, I decided to approach the painting from a different perspective.

img_3114 Perspective 1.

My proportions are wrong, but by drawing her garment, I learnt its fullness and weight.

Perspective 2:  Field Trip!  To better comprehend Young Woman with A Water Pitcher, I thought, why not look at other works along similar themes?

img_3187 Woman Holding a Balance, c 1664

15:30, Balance found.


Ah, pilgrimage; coherent speech abandoning.  Look.  Look.  Look.


15:57 DC, 5:57am + 1 Day Singapore, Trace’s text- What is it about Vermeer that you like?


The quietness… the simplicity… I stutter, stutter on.

19:00, an over-sized salad and 2 glasses of Gruner for recovery.


Midnight (!).  Bruno says, Mom, wake up.  I’m hungry.


01:00.  Bruno says, Mom, I need to potty…


09:15, Foreground, little black dog.  Background, The White House.


09:50, the Lincoln Memorial is a bit of a hike, no matter how quickly we march.


Climbing up the stairs, the might of American history-




10:00, epiphany.


In our interconnected world, the right to vote is too grave a responsibility.

11:10, on board Train 84.  I’m not sure if I would return again.


I’m too spoilt by New York and London.  DC is too flat, laid on a grid.  The natives however, are welcoming, streets much cleaner and greener than New York, Vermeer stunning, and the national monuments provoked.


America, God shed His grace on thee.

  •  Vermeer is found at the National Gallery, 6th & Constitution Avenue North West
  • The White House, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue
  • Lincoln Memorial, 2 Lincoln Memorial Circle North West
  • Vietnam Vetrans Memorial, 5 Henry Bacon Drive North West

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