Day Trip

Yesterday, to reward myself for getting one answer right on that scary textiles quiz, I took a break, got on the Metro-North.


Oh train travel, how very much I love thee.


(For unblocked river views, sit on the left side of the train when leaving Grand Central.)


I’ve had 5 weeks of school.  Objectively, the hardest thing about being a student again is the inability to just go, a-wandering.  Then there is the amount of work- all the art I get to see, discuss and read about, piques curiosity even more.  To write efficiently, think critically, I really need, stimuli.


We’re spoilt in New York.  But sometimes one needs to leave familiarity to jolt the senses, or to feel more like oneself.


The ride to Beacon, a little town along the Hudson River is about 80 minutes.  I wasn’t expecting so much water and lush woodlands!


Remember our London walks?


What a treat!


The day got better.  From the train station at Beacon, take the underpass, make a right towards the river, follow the signs.


Cross the overpass, make a right at the stop sign, and just keep following the signs.


The Dia: Beacon is an easy 7-8 minute walk from the station.  If you are a female lone traveler like me, and wondering- no, I didn’t feel uneasy doing this walk.  It felt much safer than the walk from the subway to the Noguchi Museum in Long Island City.

Housed in a re-purposed factory, I had a healing sort of afternoon, confronted by the light, the space, the art.


Some things I liked a lot…

img_3093 (John Chamberlain)

img_3062 (Sol LeWitt)

img_3087 (Donald Judd)

img_3091 (Agnes Martin)

Some, arrested thought…

img_3044 (Walter De Maria)

When I could think again, I realized I had seen his works before… last November, in Naoshima!

IMG_3779 (Walter De Maria, Dr Chan, Naoshima)

Like Naoshima, the Dia: Beacon is special because it allows for installation works of a bigger scale.


I also like that you can wander through and around the exhibits, that one’s sense of the performance space is realigned.


Somethings I did not understand…



I am however of that camp where I don’t need to understand, to feel.

img_3054 (Robert Irwin)

I didn’t quite see everything.  When I arrive at the place where my brain starts dislodging, out of respect for the artists, I know it is time to go.


Besides, now that I have had a taste, I know I’ll return for more.


  •  Dia: Beacon, 3 Beekman Street, Beacon









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