School Daze II: Textiles

Tomorrow, I have a quiz on textiles.  I get off the phone with my London Bestie.  I have to study, I say.


3 hours have since passed.  I’ve yet to begin.  I spent the last 3 hours researching train trips from New York City instead.  I’m having cabin fever.  It’s been too long since I’ve gone, a-wandering.

IMG_8216 sur le Pont des Arts, Spring 2016

The textiles class is a struggle for me.  It’s hard to sustain interest when the material taught feels like chemistry.  Every Wednesday afternoon, I sit in that room willing myself to focus.  It’s too easy to daydream when surrounded by fantastical props.

img_2350 (photo credit- Lizanne Brown)

On the far wall, a row of yellow lockers beckons.

img_2790 (photo credit- Laura Gust)

How to resist, choreography/staging?  Besides, the light is too gorgeous in this room…

img_2796 (photo credit- Laura Gust)

But.  Back to textiles.


I just want to pass this class and move on with my life.  In a different city, Dr Chan cheers me on.

img_2914 (received from the Daughter, also back at school)

These are the nerves in the bloody armpit!


Another assignment for Textiles due November 7?   An apron.  Imagination is allowed to run amok, as long as the finished product demonstrates, sewing skills.


I think I laughed out loud when the Teacher explained this task.


The funny thing about doing something one dreads?  One actually learns some things along the way!  I may not be able to recognize a dobby weave from a jacquard weave, but hey my vocabulary has expanded beyond cotton, silk and wool; which I also learnt by the way, are not the names of fabric, but cellulosic and protein fibres that are used to create, cloth.


( Random thought:  I’ve seen sheep shorn in Australia and New Zealand.  I’m not sure how experiencing that will help me with tomorrow’s test.)


I can’t sew.  I can cook.


I can design, I can decorate.


I can touch my toes.


I can cultivate an optimistic attitude with the apron.



I visited a terrific little shop in the East Village selling bits and bobs.  The owner Hussein patiently helped me with fabric choices and trims.


I can’t sew.  But hey, I can start learning, now.


  •  Mr Hussein runs Gizmo Notion Shop, 160 1st Avenue.







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