Saturdays/School Daze I

Saturday mornings during the school year are spent in semi-stupor, at the Farmer’s Market.


The weather is finally cloudy and cool.  The scent of autumn, thinly veiled.


Woah!  Check out the bak choy… I showed my husband, across the world.


Along with the bak choy, we admired some home-made baking.


The tomato tart came home with us.


Every mouthful was a burst of rich sweetness.


Procrastinating, I fussed over my plants, climbed on the kitchen counter, hung one up.


Then it was off to the library in search of-



A few nights ago, I briefly watched the two presidential candidates dueling.  My heart goes out to the candidate in the red suit.  My hope?  That American friends make the calmer and more responsible of choices, so that we don’t wake up the morning after, in the same state of shock, horror and utter dismay, as when the Brexit-vote was announced.


  •  Farmers’ Market, Union Square (Monday, Wednesday, Friday & Saturday mornings).



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