A Thousand Miles…

Late last fall, the National Gallery Singapore opened to much fanfare.

IMG_4394 photo credit-  Dr Chan

Trying to devise Act 3:scene i of my life then, one of the things I did was contact Senior Management through a mutual friend.

IMG_4011 photo credit-  Dr Chan

I asked for a job; specifically one with curatorial responsibilities.  Senior Management kindly explained, I did not have the required experience/knowledge.

I’ve had two weeks of school so far.  The library has become a second home.


The workload is frightening.


Deep waters don’t quite scare me; I’m good at keeping calm.  But to stay calm?  I’m kicking like crazy.


When I’m not at school, at home, at the library, I’m at the Met.


Vermeer and I, we’re becoming good friends.

img_2120 Young Woman with a Water Pitcher, ca 1662, Johannes Vermeer

When we’re not at the Met?  We’re at the Frick.


Mr Frick bought 3 Vermeers.  They are animated, thoughtful pieces.  You can’t photograph them because the ambience of Mr Frick’s home needs to be respected.



I can’t even begin to describe how grateful I am to be able to access the kind of resources we get in New York City.  It makes learning that much richer.


Senior Management was absolutely right.  I didn’t have the knowledge then.  It’s good when someone rejects you swiftly, and is specific with what you lack.  Intoxicated by my city, by all this art, and overwhelmed by textiles, I’ve found myself thinking of Senior Management lately.

img_2346 photo credit- Lizanne Brown

If our paths ever cross again, I want to thank him sincerely, from my heart.  For had I not been made aware of what I lacked, how would I have then known, what I needed to seek?

img_2116 Study of a Young Woman, ca 1665-67, Johannes Vermeer

  •  The Frick Collection, 1 East 70 Street



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