September 11

Today is September 11.


Soon, the day will be over.  I am grateful that it has been uneventful.


I went to bed with a profound sadness last night.  September 11 for so many, was a day that changed all our lives.  To be back in New York, to experience this day 15 years on, creates pause.


Loved ones checked in.  We’re lying low today– I assured them all.  Park visit in the morning, dog run, and then housework and getting homework done.



At the park, I made a new friend.


She’s an old girl at 14.  When I say her name, I need to raise my voice.  Because she can’t quite hear as well anymore.



Late August- early September 2001- my eponymous dance company was invited to perform in New York City.  As a young American-trained dancer-choreographer, presenting before a New York audience meant everything to me.  The Original A-team was dancing- YW, EC, GY, me, with Leslie on cello.  We danced Journal.  Song and Kelly costumed us- diaphanous, white.

Walk towards the twin towers and you’re walking towards the theatre, I said each day.  Walk away from the towers, and you’re walking back to our hotel.


The skyline is different now.


Yet for so many of us, you still remain, our Promised Land.


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