Thursday Night @ NYFW

Last fall, I was introduced to Oxford Fashion Studio in Paris.  Through them, I met other designers and boutiques pushing independent, thoughtful design.  In simplistic terms- I would describe them as an events company with a sort of impresario role, offering platforms for less established designers to showcase work, within the bigger umbrella of Fashion Week.


On Thursday night, we were kindly invited to their Fashion Week event in mid-town.


We enjoyed a very hospitable welcome.


Before I even finished my glass of bubbly, we were whisked backstage to meet the four designers presenting at the second (7pm) show, the make-up team, and the bevy of models backstage.


Yangie NY got the ball rolling.  She showed 7 looks.


All conveyed a sense of fluidity with clean silhouettes.


The black outfit was my favorite look for the evening.


I like that it was without fuss.


Its lack of frivolity made it feel contemporary- chic uttered in a breath.

Next up was swimwear by Rosina-Mae.


The line felt youthful and energetic.


The choice of colors were playfully pastel, and carried with them, the promise of spring, of summer.


Bruno sat up for Martha Fadel.



The line seemed to suggest an alternative to power dressing/corporate attire.


There were subtle suggestions of skin, with cloth cut away just here, and right there.


A chemise-like top worn under a no-nonsense jacket may perhaps not be a novel idea, but shown together with the rest of the outfits, it made one realize, how much further we have come as women who work; that we can claim and celebrate our sexuality, on our terms.


The evening concluded on a vibrant note, with L-O-M sending a riot of colors and every possible expression of embellishment strutting down the runaway.



(I’m not sure if dogs see in color.  But I do know that L-O-M kept Bruno’s attention!)


What I appreciated most about the show was the determination of these designers to explore and to express themselves, unapologetically.


And although my London and New York closets lack exuberant color, the images presented lingered…


Such that the very next day, I was actually inspired to shop.


  •  For more information and tickets regarding the upcoming fall shows at Fashion Week, please refer to Oxford Fashion Studio on Facebook.
  • Barney’s New York Downtown, 101 7th Avenue.






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