Silk Crisis et al

I am having a little conflict with, silk.


In class today, I learnt many new things.  Like the difference between fibre, yarn, and fabric, print and pattern; and then I learnt how silk is produced.


Simplified version/ life cycle of the silkworm goes like this-  silkworm feeds on the mulberry tree, silkworm spins and cocoons self.  Man boils its cocoon, finds the start of the thread that the cocoon is created from, unravels and sets it onto some kind of frame.  The silkworm?  Death by boiling.


Friday nights are now set aside for museum-ing.


We caught Manus x Machina at the Met last week.  I learnt new words- metiers, parurier floral.


I learnt that sample size is truly tiny.


I can’t believe there was a brief moment in time, post-pregnancy, in my 20s, that I wore, sample size.


I must have been starving.


Spring in Avignon, and a French woman commented that Bruno, “is very educated.”


Fall in New York, and an American woman leans over, says the very same thing.

“He is obviously very well-educated.”

img_1787 (Bruno enjoying Piazzolla…)


On Labor Day (Monday), this plant-lover sans green thumbs realizes the solution to watering a large plant in 300 square feet lies in the bath.


My well-educated dog concurred.



Finally, blinds!


Delivery and installation arrived punctually yesterday.


New York, you are thoroughly spoiling me!



I received 2 invites:

Invite #1


Invite #2


Thank you, for thinking of me.


Then I went back to yoga today.  I have not done any yoga since breaking my arm last January.  Chaturangas are no longer possible as I have limited pronation, and can’t bend my elbow in the correct alignment at all.  Arm balances that I took for granted like crow, firefly, not because I was strong before, but because I was nubile with long limbs, are now almost impossible to do.

But.  I can still touch my toes!  I can breathe mindfully.  When I can’t do ABCDEFG, I get to be creative.


I left Jivamukti feeling invincible.  I can still touch my toes!  In this fleeting life?  My glass is always, half-full.


  •  Jivamukti Yoga School, NYC, 841 Broadway, 2nd floor
  • Blinds by Horizon Window Treatments, 133 West 24th Street



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