Evening Walk

We got off the C train at 86th and Central Park West.


The evening’s objective:  walk one block south, leisurely stroll via 85th across the park to the grandest of dames, the Met.

The Commons was such a huge part of our London lives.  To see forested areas again was joyful.


And then that all familiar, much-loved clip- clopping sound…


(In about 60 minutes, I would think, we really need to be on horseback.)


Central Park is HUGE.  Central Park is gorgeous.  Central Park is confusing.


Parts of 85th were closed.  And then the main road branches into arteries- all of which seem to lead us deeper, and deeper into the woods.


We retraced our steps, started over.  Yet again I seemed to be heading south, not east.  I asked for help.  Everyone suggested a different route.  Bruno and I were either walking south, or walking in a giant circle.


So we got to see everything in the park- the Carousel, the Zoo, the Boating Lake, Strawberry Fields, the Meadow.  After 1.5hrs, the objective no longer was a leisurely stroll, but to get out of the park before it got dark.


If very unluckily, we were still lost with the arrival of night?  Plan B-


An unoccupied horse trailer was located for us to shelter in.


Finally after almost 2 hours, I saw a map!


(Note:  Central Park has poor signage and Google Maps do not show the teeny roads crisscrossing through the park that one will need to take.)

More walking and eventually, an exit onto 5th Avenue.


Relief!  Now to walk another 24 blocks back up north.


Thankfully we are fit, healthy and safe.



Sometimes when we wander, we of course get lost.  The lesson I was reminded of last night was- when lost, don’t panic.  Stay calm, stay observant.  There’s really quite a lot to see when you get derailed.  Ask for help, but in the end, the only person who can help you, is yourself.  Oh, and that cliched lesson of mind over matter.  It’s true- positive thinking propels you to take that one extra step forward, because (drumroll, another cliche) there really is light at the end of the tunnel.


  •  The Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1000 5th Ave
  • Central Park, 59th – 110th Street

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