Doggy Bag(s)

Ana, a new reader, asked about Bruno’s bags.


Because Bruno was an unexpected surprise, he brought new lessons and the need to adapt.


Yes, Bruno has a stroller too.  We adapted.


I learnt there isn’t that one bag that can do everything. Other considerations- size of human carrying the bag (I’m 5’3, I have a reconstructed arm that is weak and limited in mobility), purpose of bag,  and the size of your dog.


Bruno is 3- 3.2 kgs, small, but has long legs.


A.  In-cabin travel/flying internationally:


The Cloud 7 -designed for Tumi dog carrier.


In flight, you can extend it lengthwise, or even prop up a roof-like feature.  Bruno not only gets to stretch, he can even sit upright if he prefers.


It is an extremely handsome and well-wrought bag.


There are sensible pockets for his necessities.  It zips up securely.  It has become our preferred bag for in-flight travel.

B.  The Multi-tasking Bag: 


The Wagwear Messenger.


I use this for travel all the time- on trains, in taxis, at the airport before he goes into the Tumi.  This is the bag that straps him to my body, distributes his weight most evenly, and allows my arms/hands to be free.


It’s a true work horse.


(Note:  I don’t put him into the Tumi from the start of our journey at the airport, before flight, because I prefer to limit the amount of time he spends zipped up.  It is also too heavy to be lugging him in his Tumi to the departure gates etc.)

C:  For Jaunting about Town:

When there is nothing else to carry aside from my purse, we use the Mungo and Maud Pod.


This bag allows him to stretch out, curl up, poke his head out, or hide away.

He is often unnoticed, when carried in his Pod.


This is his favorite bag because he gets to decide how involve he wants to be with the world…


and when he’d rather retreat.


These are the 3 bags that we’ve brought with us to New York.


D.  Others:

From Wagwear-


From Hunter-


The older Tumi-


The previous Cloud 7-


Flying with the Sturdi (terribly cumbersome for me)-


And on those days when I needed to carry gifts in London, I would use my basket, and then Bruno would rest in the basket, once it was emptied.


  •  Please note that all his bags have been purchased by us.  If you are a canine brand seeking support, please feel free to contact us.  We’re happy to explore opportunities with brands we believe in.



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