The People that You Meet

The people that you meet,

IMG_1424 (The Screen Porch, Fairfield Porter)

when you’re walking down the street…



I’m still waiting for blinds.  While waiting, we strolled towards the river.  Because I’ve been so immersed in American mid-century design with thrifting the Treehaus, I wanted to look at American painting for a change.

It’s my 1st time at the Whitney.

IMG_1433 (Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney, Robert Henri)

I was overwhelmed.  In London, I love the National Portrait Gallery, and in my other New York life, the MOMA was my hiding place.  I took my time on the 8th floor; filled with my favorite- portraiture.

IMG_1421 (Untitled, Leslie Hewitt)

What is it about the painting that you like?  Zen asked.


Its tension, its unapologetic stance, its drama.


The paintings I am drawn to, echo back human folly, absurdness, occasional wit; and with that, our strength.



The sun was setting when I stepped out onto the 8th floor terrace.  IMG_1451

Around me, Manhattan aglow.


So who are the people in your neighborhood?  SL asked.

Mrs Vanderbilt Whitney’s ghost, creepy stalker, and Carrie Bradshaw pre-Mr Big, I replied.

IMG_1425 (Artist Bedroom, Nyack, Edward Hopper)

Your new home is haunted?  Wow!!  Super cool, Bibik Tammy!!


  •  The Whitney Museum of American Art and the Leonard A. Lauder Building, 99 Gansevoort Street 
  • (Kindly pardon the memory lapse with some of the credits for the above art.)


4 thoughts on “The People that You Meet

  1. Hi! I just found your blog and I love it. I have been reading a bit and noticed that Bruno seems to have several carriers so I am wondering if you could only have one which one would you choose? Ive been looking for one but it is hard to decide.


    1. Hi Ana, Thanks for stopping by. I agree it’s not that straightforward a decision. I’ve learnt that it really depends on the size of your dog, and the purpose you need the carrier for. Bruno jet-sets/goes everywhere- so his needs are rather varied. If you can be more specific with your needs and size of your dog, I can try and share more? Or maybe I should do a post abt this- it’s a great question! X


      1. My dog Eddie is a maltipoo, I would say he is about the size of Bruno but with a bit shorter legs. He mainly needs a carrier for traveling, not for the actual transport to the destination but for when we’re there. A couple of months ago we were in Paris and he got tired from all the walking around so I had to carrie him and also when there was too much people on the street. It got a bit heavy because he gets quite heavy when he falls asleep and also it’s unpractical not having any free hands. This autumn we are going to Prag and I want to be prepared with a comfy carrier for him. A blog post about carriers sounds great!

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Got it! In terms of what you are saying then, if it was me, I would go with the Wagwear messenger that straps across the body. It distributes the weight most evenly, the straps are adjustable over warm/thicker clothing, and your hands will be free. It will also keep Eddie close to you- so that way you know he is safe, and not worry about him being trampled upon. I’ll follow up on your question with a post today 🙂 Hope that’s all helpful for you 🙂 X


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