Life Imitates Art

There’s a spot that has been tormenting me.


My gut says, I need another Noguchi lamp.  The one I covert is back in stock.  It belongs there.


The coveted Noguchi lamp costs $XXX.  Before tax.  I can’t afford $XXX, before tax right now.



I wondered about the cat painting yesterday.


I hung it up, I took it down.  I have given myself a strict color palette to work with, particularly in the living area.  By keeping to this self-imposed rule, it prevents the space from sliding into kitsch and cacophony.  I want my space serene, even with mixed patterns, elegant even when thrifted.


So I stared at this painting for a long time.  I realized, I should do something different- look for tulle, find a discarded tutu, dance costume, and hang it up.  The blank space needs something tactile and three-dimensional in form.

Out thrifting, I found this instead.


Extremely pleased, I put it up.  The sense of costuming is echoed in the picture with the dancers to the right.  Its colors relate to the rest of the blue and white hues in its surrounds.


I’ve been saying to Trace and Zen, that all this thrifting is making me re-think the way I dress…  As with previous homes, I tend to dress my homes the way, I dress.


And so the inevitable happened, as it always does in creative work.  Art imitates life, and then life imitates art.


In this situation, home decor multi-tasks as #OOTD (insert emoticon).

  •  Vintage cheongsam, Adaptations NY, 109 Franklin Street



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