Thrifting Art

This week began with just the right amount of calories on Sunday night.


Fueled up, I went looking for art.


Yesterday I walked south of Bedford Station towards Williamsburg in Brooklyn.  I stumbled upon a newly- opened junk store (that’s what it called itself).  I think my mother whose idea was for me to thrift, would seriously have a fright, if she knew where I’d gone…


On the upper level, I was assaulted by art, art, art.


I learnt that thrifting requires a strong stomach.  There was no escaping the years of neglect.



In the East Village, I found another paint-by-numbers piece to add to my paint-by-numbers wall.


Grouped together, they lift the couch, add cheer to a banal nook.


Suddenly in 300 square feet, I now have, a living room!


This morning, I went further north in Brooklyn.


There were 2 stores I was curious about.


I paused, paused, at a divine table.


With only 2 arms, there’s a limit to how much I could schlep back.  So remaining focused on the art objective-


We made our way back to Manhattan.



A personal composing rule-


Objects in space create an unspoken narrative when placed together.


I hung it up in the living room, then changed my mind.  My other rule?  If you make a poor decision?  Stop and change.  Immediately.


In 300 sq feet, I now not only have living quarters, I have hallways/corridors directing me away from the front door, into the private sanctuary of my home.


Another rule : form must follow function.


The other painting I carried back is French.


All the hallmarks of early modern art can be found- the abstraction of detailing work, brush strokes indicating movement, the black outlining of figures, trees, a sense of an incomplete whole.


  •  Affogato at Rossopomodoro, 118 Greenwich Avenue
  • Cure Thrift Shop, 111 East 12th Street
  •  Adaptations NY, 109 Franklin Street, Brooklyn





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