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Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedules, to stop by.  Bruno and I are on a roll-


I’m trying to convince myself, I don’t need a peacock chair.  How much drama can a tiny space honestly bear?


More thrifting tales, perhaps, tomorrow…

Today (as it is still Monday, Aug 22 for me), I saw a message from a young woman, pop up on my Facebook page.  Isabelle asked if we could help vote for a picture she once took.  She’s participating in some contest thingy- if she gets the most number of votes, she wins a camera.

Isabelle’s mom, Jacqueline, is one of those inspiring women whom I consider, a complete expression of the biblical verse, Nehemiah 8:10.  Jacqueline was a guest on my blog previously.  It is with her permission that I am writing this.

14113828_10155009866524918_1694502589_o photo credit- Isabelle

I think Isabelle’s story is gradually becoming a familiar one in Singapore.  She has probably been told, and known all her life, what it means to be special.  Recently, Isabelle graduated LASALLE College of the Arts, and presented her first photography exhibition.  She wants to push her skills, heighten awareness for disability, and I know, she longs to travel and see the world.

My blog receives on average at least 1000 views a week.  That’s not a monumental figure in blogging circles, but it’s a figure that I treasure, and feel responsible towards.  If you had a moment to read this, please would you join me in clicking on the link below, and offering your vote to Isabelle?

To many, it may just be a camera.  But for Isabelle, this is how she sees, feels, and communicates back to the rest of us, in the speaking, hearing, able-bodied world.


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