For Art’s Sake

A friend from another life, commented 2 Christmases ago- You really suffer for your art.

10862679_661951683915926_2363656529786269033_o (Clerkenwell Christmas, 2 years ago)

I realized I had forgotten the Christmas crackers.  Without further thought, I dashed into (shudder) Selfridges on Christmas Eve, before roasting my turkey.

Truth is, when one is passionate about art, and expressing a certain way of being in living, there really is no separation between effort, imagination, and joy.  Everything spills over.  I wake up, I do.  I think I am at my best in production.  There is a certain calmness in organizing people on stage, objects in space.  Besides, a home is where one retreats- why not make it a restful, engaging space?


Bruno went with you to Pottery Barn?  Dr Chan asked.


Yes.  He also went with me to Home Depot, and Diptique.


Today, we are going to Brooklyn.  Again.


Because last night, I hung my mirror up.


The mirror longed for a friend.  I texted Courtney to ask if she would hold a little table for me.


It’s a 15-minute walk from Courtney’s store to the subway stop on Bedford and 7th.  The walk doesn’t bother me.  But the heat is challenging.  The table is not heavy; my re-constructed arm however, is no longer strong.

The subway was crowded at noon.


I stood all the way back, with Bruno strapped to me, grateful that New Yorkers are kind, and that the air-conditioning in our carriage, worked.


(The only time I nearly tripped was when trying to shoot the above picture because the train lurched. Oops.)

I thought about what my friend from another life said.  Climbing the stairs out onto the street, we missed an unexpected downpour, and were greeted by a light drizzle instead.

The rain brought temporary relief from the sensational heat.  As the subway is only one block from home, I walked on, carrying both Bruno and the table.


Oh, I scored a little painting as well.


I like arranging things in odd numbers.  In dance, a duet can happen downstage right, while upstage left, a solitary dancer picks similar movement patterns, creating a visual echo.


My hallway?


Is almost done.

  •  Diptique, 377 Bleecker Street
  • Pottery Barn, 104 7th Avenue
  • Home Depot, 40 West 23rd Street
  • Courtney is one of the partners at Dobbin Street Co-op, 37 Norman Avenue, Greenpoint, Brooklyn





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