Thrifting, Me

Tuesday’s thrifted treasures were delivered promptly yesterday.


Once the couch was placed in its imagined spot, I felt an energetic burst of happiness!


I’ve been restraining myself with decorating because my budget took an unforeseen blow by having to install blinds and air-conditioning.  Then there is the reality of what happens next.  Because of the constant upheavals in my life, I’ve long ceased believing in permanence.  There just always seems to be instead, the assurance of uncertainty.  Where will I be tomorrow?  How long do I get to stay, here?


But I am at heart, a homebody, and by practice, a choreographer.  I once said in an interview, that the homes we live in change, because they reflect the changing landscape and needs of the family within.  I need my home, to echo me back.


And so, like the dance that once began as a 3- minute duet re-structured into a full-length drama with a cast of 7 mighty dancers, I went back to work.


I learnt that yesterday was National Thrift Day!


(Trust me to find a horse!)


Was it only last week that we said goodbye to our wonderful friends and neighbors…


With freshly-baked cake?



I discovered that West 17 between 7th and 6th Avenues has some terrific thrift stores; if one bothers to look carefully.


On yesterday’s agenda- to start curating an art collection from discarded goods.


For me, a home just isn’t fully dressed, without art.


Need!  Never mind the logistical nightmare of carrying it home!  (Unfortunately, he was not for sale…)


Chinoiserie?  Love!  Again I learnt, thrifting is not always straightforward.  For the above?  I was told to get on-line, make a bid.

It was a productive afternoon.  While I was sorting out art- I couldn’t resist adding another plant.


Plants always remind me of best friends, Trace and Zen.  They have green fingers and toes.  I don’t.

IMG_0810 (Dear Plants, please make it till next summer, because I’ve already paid rent.)

It was my mother’s idea to thrift this home.  It’s one of the best advice she’s ever given me.  I love the idea of reusing, repurposing, and I love working on a strict budget.  I think the latter forces one to be more imaginative.  I love this opportunity to create something from very little, and I love, love the challenge of creating that something that is still distinctively, and truly me.


  •  Bruno waiting for cake at the Humming Bird Bakery, 47 Old Brompton Road, London SW7 35P
  • Thrift stores visited-  Pippin Home, 112 1/2 West 17th Street
  • Housing Works, 143 West 17th Street
  • Angel Street Thrift Shop, 118 West 17th Street

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