Thrifting Time

My bed arrived on time.


It meant leaving the cocooned comfort of the Soho Grand, and delving into reality.


In reality, I gave myself a huge pat on my back, for remembering to stock my kitchen with every non-perishable necessity on the last trip, including hand soap.

In reality, I could then start settling Bruno into his new life, create a schedule for us.


Recently I’ve been repeatedly told that I seem to have this whole business of moving down to an art form…


I’ve never really considered moving that way- but hey, like art-making, I do a lot of research.  Once the fun stuff like the physical moving, electric/gas account, phone line, new banking services are sorted out, the most joyful part of moving- putting a home together, can really begin.



And so, we braved the paralyzing heat to Brooklyn in search of.


Unlike previous homes, this 15th abode presents a chance to create a private space, solely for Bruno and me.


Chevron stripes on a vintage love seat in velour that color-co-ordinates with him?  Good idea, Bruno!


I’m in my element.  Sweat soaking through my shirt, itchy neck- who gives!


#ihavethisthingwithowls #!!!!

Alas, I’m too disciplined a shopper/choreographer/decorator.  An owl is not on my to-do list.


The flower pot on the other hand…


OH.  Everyone knows how I feel about vintage baskets!!!  (But the basket is not on my list either.  Farewell, basket.)

Precious!  How many of us remember that cane magazine-newspaper holder thingy from growing up in the 70s?


Be still my heart-


#ihavethisthingwithmidcentury #!!!

By noon, my stash was grouped together for visual and accounting purposes…


It was a successful morning of thrifting.


When the weather cools, we’d gladly be back!


  •  Dobbin Street Co-op, 37 Norman, Greenpoint, Brooklyn.  Thank you, Courtney for inviting us over, and for your help today.


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