The Soho Grand

I’ve received emails from and Trip Advisor asking me to review, our recent stay at the Soho Grand.


Reasons for this choice:

  •  The Nomad was fully booked on the dates I needed a hotel.
  •  Convenient downtown location.
  •  Its rather dog-friendly policies– no additional charge for your pet, no size limit imposed on visiting dogs, separate floors for dogs staying, bed, bowls provided, and its piece-de-resistance swaying my vote?


Its very own, landscaped, dog-run for canine guests!


When traveling with Bruno, his needs come first.  New York is concrete and gritty.  Bruno doesn’t potty on cement/asphalt.  He needs trees.


He’s also not allowed off lead from 9am- 9pm at any of the public parks.  A dog-run on site meant he could enjoy some off lead time, in a secured, pleasant environment.


I don’t recognize the Soho Grand now.  Upon arriving, I called out to the doorman to verify if I was at the right hotel!


The last time I visited, my mom was staying here.  Then it was all 90s Prada- black, masculine, sleek.  Now, it sort of stutters with a rustic accent and animal kitsch.


While I got over my surprise-shock of not finding any bedroom slippers, Bruno settled quickly, enjoying the view…


Service was cheerful.  The bed offered rest, ac was powerful, and I was able to put something together from the room service menu, for Bruno.


  •  The Soho Grand, 310 West Broadway 


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