Singapore Boy, Olympic Champion

Writer’s block.


What can be so engaging about Bruno and Tammy finding our feet in New York, when yesterday, time stood still, for so many of us from Singapore?


Time froze for 50:39 seconds.  Our hearts at our throats, Singapore watched an incredibly gifted young man, determined, and so very, very fast, slice through waters, invincible.

competes in the **** on day eleven of the 16th FINA World Championships at the Kazan Arena on August 4, 2015 in Kazan, Russia.

How not to cheer, cheer (!),  loud, louder(!), loudly (!!) when he finished his race, towering above true giants who have collectively redefined a sport?  How not to cry because we saw a moment in history, some of us never imagined we would ever see, in this lifetime?

The swim was for me, a true expression of one boy’s daring, his parents’ absolute devotion and unflinching belief, sheer hard work and extraordinary talent.  In under a minute, he galvanized a nation, fired our imagination, fueled courage in a way, few contemporary figures have been able to do.

Beside him, his parents- ever dignified in their modesty and sensibilities.  Beside him, loved ones, his coach, his team.  Before him, uncharted waters.  Behind him, a country.


  •  All images of Olympian Joseph Schooling were found on Google.

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