From My Daughter’s Closet

Weekend riddle:


What to wear on a date with Bruno Chan that includes a jaunt in the Commons, and then Italian for dinner, when everything has been packed away/now hanging in my New York/Singapore closets?



Thankfully God gifted me, a daughter.


She’ll be 20 in September.  Our bodies aren’t identical.  She’s taller, nubile, rather glorious.


In hot weather, she likes sleeveless tops that end at her (very high, very narrow) waist.  She pairs them with brief shorts.  In hot weather, I diligently cover up.


I peeped into her closet for help.


Hola mi bambina XX  Hope you don’t mind but I have nothing left to wear, so borrowed your shirt 😮


Ofc not, She texts back.  You look nice in it!


My daughter, ever generous and kind.

We went to watch the Bourne movie yesterday… It was ok.  Dad says I look like an Asian Julia Stiles.

She’s pretty right?

Yeah, she is.  But I look nth like her!  Hahahahaha

Bunch of guys running around blowing and beating pp up and in the end he escapes?

(Fact:  My family doesn’t like watching movies with me.)

There will be a girl dying…?

(Fact:  My family dislikes watching movies with me.)

Yeah, she died pretty early on.  They are all quite old now, like Matt Damon looks old.


Oh the 20s.  When everyone pushing 30 was old, the 40’s unimaginable, and 50s- gosh, if we only get to live that long.


24, sitting in Central Park, the sunset bitterly cold.  He takes my picture, because he wants to remember a happy day, a new friend found.  Weeks later, he arrives with Spring; my shoulders bare, his hands strong.  Come back to Singapore, I’ll take care of you.


Dear 24-year-old Tammy, you aren’t going to believe, what happens, next.

  •  Summer was photographed by Dr Chan at the Peranakan Museum in Penang, 29 Church Street, Georgetown.


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