Pit Stop, Daily Practice

It was an emotional moment at the Pet Spa, when I went to collect Bruno.


Thank you, Liam, RiRi, Steph, and everyone who has been so kind to us, taking such loving care of Bruno these last 2 years.  Our London lives took root when we met you, the House of Mutt, and a horse named, Dumpling.


New York is the real reason why I made the decision to not take Dumpling on, when he needed a new home last winter.  It is the reason why I also declined the kind offer of Cookie, the most noble of them all.  That Cookie has since been adopted by a terrific family and that Dumpling left before me in a sense, makes it easier to for me to depart.  I’m horse-less.

10557598_588492797928482_2042450378484212699_o (Facebook prompt- my 2014 Summer Puppy Project, eventually re-homed by MT.)

Horse-less, sleepless, I thought I best get on with packing, only to realize, everything was already packed up and moved!


Which then brought to mind, one of those invaluable lessons horses and dance impart- the value of daily practice.


From now until the morning of departure. Bruno will be practising getting into his travel bag, staying calm and remaining zipped up.

IMG_2406 (Bruno zipped up.)

His schedule has also been changed to simulate departure day.  His weight needs to be kept at 3kg.


This afternoon, we went to the vet for his shots, and to get his paperwork organized.


I think New York has been a bit of a bombshell for many loved ones and perhaps, loyal readers.  Forgive me; that was never my intention.  I don’t talk about ambition nor my plans aloud.  I’m too superstitious.  And even as my work requires a public face, there is the me that is separate from the face- that me exists off-line/off-stage, not speaking much.  I prefer to keep things that way.


My Sweetest Friend is full of encouragement.  She marvels at the speed at which things are getting done.  When I was dancing, one of the things I could do well was move very quickly.  The secret to fast movement ironically is, to keep the mind and body relaxed.  To keep oneself relaxed?  Another irony- relaxation requires daily practice.


To the reader and friend who desires change, like I’ve always said to my students back in the dancing days- if it can happen to me, why not you?  Imagine the Change, then just go Do.  Do all you can, while you can, to get where you need to go.  My grandmother often said, Step by step, there’s no other way.

  • The Pet Spa, 305 Fulham Road
  • House of Mutt, 01359 268 710







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