Keeping Calm, Carrying On

One of the most important lessons I learnt in my last 3 years as a Londoner, is the value of patience.

13640769_1444086472275271_6960404359887370488_o (credit- House of Mutt, Bruno patiently hiking through the woods.)

It’s not possible to speed around in London.  The tube for starters, doesn’t always run.  London is a large city.  It takes time to get from A to B, even if you live very centrally.  English manners are subdued; courtesy takes time.  People wait, often indefinitely.

Try opening a bank account.  Bring identification.  Bring patience.  Bring humor.

Delivery!  A filthy word in my London vocabulary, expressing a complete waste of time.  Here in New York?  Delivery does exactly its job- buying you time.


Need help in London?  Help will arrive; someday.  London-nised, imagine my surprise, when the cable man showed up this morning not just at the scheduled time, but 30 mins early!


Did he once stop for a drink of water on such a sweltering day?  Did he need a coffee break?  Did he disappear for tea?  No, no, no.  He didn’t even stop for lunch.


He worked cheerfully on and on.  While waiting for the internet to load up, he also helped me with my instagram account!


My husband had offered to help me move.  But having lived in New York before, and especially with the London experience, I felt I would be able to cope.


Somewhere in the wilderness of Home Depot, lies the 40-watt bulb I need…


The biggest challenge so far has honestly been the heat.

IMG_2229 (Unedited, no filter.  Red-faced by day’s end.)

You no longer look like Mrs Chan, observed my Mom.

Your eyebrows look good, my daughter ever kind.

Air-conditioning still needs to be sorted out.


Thankfully, my building has an elevator!


Now to be very British, keep calm and carry on.


Because Dr Chan’s not here, and he usually does what happens next.


Dear God, I’m going to have to assemble, the vacuum cleaner.

  •  Home Depot (for every imaginable household item you need, and didn’t know you need), 40 W23rd Street 




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