The 7-Day Sprint

7 Days ago, I packed just about my whole life up, got on a plane.


The only things I did not bring with me (yet) were my riding gear, imaginary horse, and Bruno.

The objective was clear.  To secure an apartment in one of the most frighteningly competitive real estate markets in the world, within a limited time frame.


Failure to do so, would mean the bigger nightmare of hauling everything back.

The next 2 days were spent combing through properties, agents, and learning to speak American again.  (Note to self:  Say apartment, not flat.  2nd floor is the 1st floor, and nobody starts the conversation with, Sorry.  Instead, Everyone says- Hi, how are you?! brightly, with a smile.)

IMG_1808 6th Apartment, with a view.

IMG_1882 8th Apartment with none.

IMG_1821 6th Apartment with Juan, the doorman.

IMG_1864 7th Apartment with a resident camera-shy rat.

The 4th apartment had that distinctive New York architectural feature- the fire escape!


It also had uneven flooring on which a poor refrigerator stood, keeling over.

As with all things in life, you meet some pretty gruesome apples.  But if you persevere patiently, pay attention, God will always send a guiding light.


One of the best things about NY is, it’s a tough city.  Because it’s unforgiving, it attracts a certain kind of person- the dreamer, the doer, the one who dares.  The city sifts out quickly, the person who is going to make things happen, and the person who will be left behind.


I got very lucky meeting, Olivia.  She worked as hard and as fast as me, and always as cheerfully.

I think it’s an admirable American trait- to want to help, to solve, to initiate.

IMG_2159( photo credit, Excellent Customer Service- Go ahead!  Lie down if you like! )

I was non-plussed about relocating.  I love my London Village with our horses, our dogs, our tight-knit (riding) community.  I love my London Bestie.  I’ve lived in NY before, I don’t have rose-tinted glasses on.  From the perspective of Europe and Asia, America can sometimes feel limited; in her eagerness may rub the wrong way.

But since returning 7 days ago, it’s been an exhilarating sprint.


You’re very American, my mom said.  You may find that your daughter is more English, she also said.  Personally, I prefer…


On the 7th Day, I arrived home.


  •  Olivia Byun (Bond New York),
  • Excellent Customer Service- Brian at Crate and Barrel, 611 Broadway


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