No Glamour

Blogger Sharon (http://www.sunshineandcelandines) made me laugh.  You always manage to rush around the world looking so glam…

IMG_0853 (Milan, September 2015, wearing Bav Tailor’s Cloud Dress)

Rush- yes.  World- almost.  Glam?  Nah, no glamour.  It’s work.  Sometimes I get dressed by independent designers, so the photographs need to express, the potential of a dress.

IMG_9186 (New York, April 2016, wearing Devon London)

I who have spent 2 decades clothing and staging for theatre, now turn my attention to composing for social media.

IMG_9089 (New York, April 2016, wearing Devon London and Hapiness Wherever)

While my dance and writing often explore(d) loss and longing, costuming for me, especially when supporting less established brands, pushes a different agenda.  The images need to arrest.

IMG_1549 (Paris, October 2016, wearing Agarosak)

It’s marketing 101.  Wear this, wear that, and you too can multi-task easily around the world, one dress at a time.

IMG_3976 (Naoshima, November 2015, wearing Lilith)

But if Singapore was sweltering, London boiling, New York is an industrial-sized Josper Grill, charring, roasting, burning me.


It’s hard to feel glamorous when your whole being crumbles into a cascading waterfall of, sweat.


Today however, is my birthday.  I have a new year ahead.  I best get dressed.


Factoring the heat, inspired by my surrounds, white becomes a practical and metaphorical choice.


I get dress, step outside, hurry back in.


Forget glamour.  In this 46th year?  I’m going to need, reading glasses.

  •  White dress was purchased at Maison Kitsune, 1170 Broadway



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