The Last 36 Hours

The Last 36 Hours, an imaginary film lived in real time goes like this…

Act 1:  24 hours, London


I sleep walk into Nopi, Soho.  I order, breakfast.


When London Bestie arrives, I order, lunch.


We part ways by 2:30pm because I have another plane to catch.

13817122_945906295520462_163787486_n (photo credit- London Bestie)

Goodbye, London.


Act 2:  The Journey

Scene 1:  Pond Crossing


Woah!  Virgin Airlines has a much nicer lounge than Singapore Airlines!  There’s a proper menu, champagne for breakfast, and smiling service!

But on economy, the seats have very little padding…

(No picture, self-explanatory.)


Scene 2:  River Crossing

If you take a cab into Manhattan, there now exists a very organized system where uniformed staff at JFK provide direction, hand out receipts explaining the charges.  The fare is fixed, there’s toll to pay, and please tip the driver decently (15-20%), because we’re not in Kansas anymore.


Traffic is terrible.  The sight of Gotham looming large however, cheers the spirit.


Scene 3:  Room Service



Act 3:  New York, New York

Make Hay While the Sun Shines!  Before lunch, I’ve traversed my villages (West, Greenwich, East) too many times to remember, turned a deep shade of brown, lost my fatty Singapore self.


So that I don’t forget- there’s a Chase on Broadway at 13th, Best Buys, and Whole Foods at 14th Street Union Square.  There’s a vet and pet salon also on W13th by Parsons; Apple is on 14th at 9 Ave, and a terrific Japanese grocery store on 6 Ave between W13th and W12th serves hot and cold lunches on the go.

Then I see, a pig!


(Camera trails Tammy scaling down the fire escape, walking towards the pig in excitement, closes in on the pig’s face.  Music score- Blue Rondo ala Turk.  The End)

  •  Nopi, 21- 22 Warwick Street, London







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