I have a pair in my Singapore closet.


The only time they step out is when I’m walking Angel.


Shorts are de rigueur on this island.  I am however, not a fan.  I really prefer my body, covered up.


But when heat threatens health and mental well-being, I’m learning- practicality trumps philosophical preferences.


To downplay any indecent exposure shorts can sometimes express, I’ve concealed my torso with a long-sleeved shirt.


Add something chunky around my neck, mannish sandals and a blow-out, my decade-old shorts received a dignified, well-deserved face-lift.


Once weather-woes and sartorial inclinations found common ground, Angel and I went on a pleasant walk that led us to a stylish, shady spot, for early dinner and drinks.


  •  Dog-friendly dining in dog-unfriendly Singapore was enjoyed at PS Cafe Petit, 38 Martin Road.  Thank you, Alan, for excellent service.




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