Swimsuit Season

Bikini days are over.  2 weeks to the 46th year, I’m discovering gravity.


Stranded on a sweltering island without my passport, I can’t think of a better place for keeping cool, than poolside with my couch potato dog.


Swimsuit tips for the body in descent?  Monochrome would look elegant, but prints make the more forgiving friend.


Ruches!  All that folding over distracts from oneself folding over.  Underwire and padding!  To create an artificial bust, so as to balance out the new “curves” from waist down.

A lower-cut leg because it’s 2016, and modesty is polite, and good manners, timeless.


An older woman who has triumphed over cancer twice, once said to me- It’s a privilege to grow old.


I agree.  One day when I am finally old, old, I’m returning to the bikini.  Because at that point, I would want to celebrate, humour.  At that point, I hope I am still mobile; I hope I still have, teeth.

  •  New swimsuit was purchased at Seafolly Takashimaya, 391 Orchard Road


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