The Babydoll Goes to Work

3 summers ago, I decided I was getting too old to pull off my very treasured, trustworthy babydoll.

286689_380967905347640_1260357840_o (3 summers ago)

And so I gave the dress to my daughter.

Fast forward to the present week; I’ve asked for the babydoll back.


Forget age-appropriateness.  The surging heat and my terrific weight gain have made me, desperate.  I’m trying to get through a Singapore summer without suffering from heat stroke and heat rash, decorously.

Worn without heels and accessories, the Babydoll goes quietly to work.


To Grandmother’s house/Peranakan Museum/Girls’ Lunch we go/go/go.


Needing to escape from the city, we convince Dr Chan to drive us as far away as possible… (Shoes/sandals?  Optional!)


The road we take leads us eventually to the sea.  Joy!


The Babydoll and I hurry along, kindred spirits in search of adventure.


  •  Adventure pictured above was discovered at the Lim Chu Kang Jetty, in North West Singapore.








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