Monday Mouthful

We attempted visiting the Peranakan Museum today.


I was curious about the current exhibition on beadwork.


The visit proved to be a disappointing one.


Perhaps it’s because I didn’t feel I learnt anything new.  Everything felt familiar.  It was like peering into my grandmother’s closet sans the smell of mothballs.  Somewhere in memory, the image of her, threading many coloured beads together, lies vivid.

IMG_0030 (painting by M Oon)

The visit was perhaps also a little tarnished by the poor reception received.  Front desk was unable to think on his feet, refusing to believe we were from Singapore, because I could not produce a Singapore ID verifying my nationality.  How ironic that in a previous life, I was housed in the building right next to the museum, so I could work without interruption…


(And while working without interruption, was actually given a national award!)


Because boredom creates appetite, we wandered into the nearest restaurant and were pleasantly surprised by its sensitive interiors.


More unexpected pleasure- peranakan food served in a restaurant-setting that actually has, authentic flavour!


The kueh pai tee (above) was delicious!  The chap chye (below) was delicious!


If they had only bothered slicing carrots in the shape of tiny flowers, added some shrimp and tied the ends of the bamboo shoots, the chap chye would be a true reincarnation of Popo’s dish!

We perked up tremendously!


Unbelieving that we had chanced upon properly cooked Peranakan food outside the home, I asked for a portion of their Ayam Buah Keluak.  



IMG_0091 (Ayam Buah Keluak gravy)



Oh.  Well.


Lunch ended on an especially high note for Summie.

IMG_0093 (tapioca with a dollop of durian)

Although service was hospitable and we had an enjoyable time, I doubt we would return.  The prices create, much pause.


*True Blue Cuisine, 47/49 Armenian Street





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