Skin Nirvana

Every time I see Amy, I marvel, marvel at her skin.

IMG_6416 (photo credit- Amy Cheng)

She’s got skin with tiny pores and a pearlescent glow.  Mine looks constantly clogged and knackered.  This time, I notice her neck.

RF, She doles out wisdom.  No downtime, no side effects!

Jean at Pure Tincture who has saved me from the Plight of Heat Rash I and II, explains RF to me.  RF (radio frequency) treatment stimulates the muscles of the face, boosting collagen via heat and vibrations, so as to tighten and firm up skin.

She then also suggests another 20-minutes of LED light to lighten, brighten and even out my complexion.


Act 1:  Normal facial- cleaned, steamed, extracted.


I love you, Jean.

Act 2: 


Some kind of cream is first applied onto my face.  Next, Jean turns the RF machine on and begins to vacuum over.


If you’re an RF virgin like me, it feels as if your face is being hoovered with pulsating motions.  The heat produced is not ghastly, but feels like a warm friend.


Jean patiently and gently works my face in sections.  She changes to a smaller apparatus for the areas around my eyes, and my mouth.  The smaller instrument delivers the same warmth, but instead of a sucking sensation, I feel a tapping throughout.

Act 3:

Jean massages my face with her magical hands, cleans it again (I think), spreads on a mask, covers my eyes, and shines a very bright green light at me.  I promptly fall asleep and dream of Bruno.

13516326_1415582735125645_885749788618552444_n (photo credit- House of Mutt)

I’ve been told he now thinks he’s a labrador…


3 hours later, I arrive excitedly at Skin Nirvana.

IMG_1598 (No make-up, no filter, no photo-shopping, no camera angle nor lighting trick.)

In Skin Nirvana, I discover a new sensation.  It is possible to lie down, and not have my face slide!

IMG_1604 (Supine)

Dr Chan examines me carefully.  He’s not a fan of artificial, assisted, aesthetics-based “medicine”.


I nodded.


Very well done, he obliged.  Same lady who knows you?

More nodding.

Very good.  Performed by the wrong pair of hands, you could be burnt or easily scarred.

  •  Pure Tincture Organic Beauty, The Adelphi, 1 Coleman Street, #02-04
  • I paid SGD$370 for a facial with RF and LED Light today.






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