(Tropical) Fatty Day Dressing

Disclaimer:  This post is not meant to hurt, insult or enrage.  This post is inspired by lunch with the glorious Amy Cheng, and the many times I’m asked what to wear, how to wear, how do I stay “so slim” (Extremely Active Living, Choreographic Skill Creating Illusion, I’m Not 50 Yet).  If you find the title offensive, forgive me, please don’t bother reading on.  Thank you for stopping by.  Have a great day!



Amy suggested lunch at La Strada, It’s still at Shaw Centre, but more like bistro-style now.


I instinctively reached for jeans.  Alas, no matter how much core I activated, they could not be zipped up.


Oh them Fatty Days.  In my Singapore closet, there’s always that Fatty Day Dress to carry me through.


Dr Chan however, forgot to dry-clean the dress when I last wore it in February (above).  45 minutes before meeting Amy, I needed a quick, non-thinking, alternative solution.

IMG_1482Ta da!

Yoga pants.  Streamlined in black.  No zippers, no buttons inducing panic.  They stretch over the highest bloat, feel gentle against my poor waist spilling.  It’s an old choreographic trick.  In 2011, I even showed up for an assignment dressed just so.

IMG_1367 (photo credit, Peak Magazine)

The intention is to take focus away from my weak/weakening middle.

You want to create the illusion of length, highlight the parts of your body you know you can especially bank on, no matter how miserable a day.


Gosh, Baby, you look so skinny!  A momentarily fooled Dr Chan said, until I lifted my shirt in confession.  Look at your legs!

Ah legs.  Thank you, Popo and Mom.

Shoulders!  Amy and I squealed in harmony.


Chunky accessories worn around the neck, and


oversized sunnies to draw the eye upwards, towards the face, where one can always disarm the most cynical with a quiet look or an infectious smile- our shared solutions!


And while black can create a slimming effect, to thyself be true.  At mid-life, depending on skin tone and lifestyle, black can actually look funeral, while colour on the other end, sings.


Amy looked simply sensational, camera-ready, even on her day off.  Note her slim-cut, non-clinging dress for room to breathe/eat, her skirt length modestly revealing sufficient legs, discreetly exposed shoulders and decollage.  Note her clever choice of colour, unfussy haircut, light make-up and understated accessories.  Because even on fatty days, and especially entrenched in our 40s, less is honestly, so much more.


  •  La Strada, 1 Scotts Road, #01-13, Shaw Centre
  • Amy Cheng is represented by Fly Entertainment and runs Act 3 Theatrics with her husband, R.Chandran, spear-heading initiatives in Special Needs Education.





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