Dark Times & Prints Charming

Because Singapore wakes up before London, I learnt about the Brexit vote by lunch.


Left! is the 1st thing Spice says to me, when he picks me at noon.

Left?!!!  And the pound?

All time low!

We sit unspeaking for a while, listening to BBC.


A flurry of texts-

Cameron’s stepped down!  Dr Chan

What!  Me

Ask Tammy about London property…

Everything’s tanking!  The Sweetest Friend

God is sovereign.  Trace


Dear Sovereign God, my shock has shape and bite.


My London friends awake.  On Facebook, they express many shared sentiments- shock, disbelief, dismay, even anger.  Oh Britain, what have you done?


My flight’s been delayed by 4 hours because of the rain.  Her voice so familiar.  I have $20 on me.  My thrifty, thrifty girl.  I’ll be late, Mom.  Shall I take a taxi home so Daddy and you don’t have to come get me?  Her nature, always considering, always kind.

Why does the world we live in, already so strange, so violent, so mournful, get more and more difficult with the passing of time?


(Dear American Friends, please look at this catastrophic day across the Atlantic, witness our shared shock, and please, please put aside if possible, divisive party politics and cantankerous rhetoric.  Please vote for the person, the more informed team, that will help steer us all calmly, in these very turbulent times.)


Aren’t you wearing a crucifix around your neck as well… Spice asks.


No crucifix.  But while trying to hold onto some vestige of hope, of humour, I summoned Prints Charming to my rescue.


  •  Food and restaurant photographs were shot at National Kitchen by Violet Oon, 1 St Andrew’s Road.


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