Patterned Behaviour

Eat, sleep, drink.

IMG_6381 (Thank you, Nan for your kind invite tonight.)

Once Mrs Chan is resurrected,


an almost ritualistic pattern takes over.


Eat, sleep, drink.  Insert a physical activity.


It’s easy to slide into patterned behaviour here.  Everyone keeps telling me I missed the real heat; but my face is itching again, the bright sun presents a migraine.  Eat, sleep, drink.


Walk Angel; a transformed dog, now that Mrs Chan is around.



Drink, sleep, eat.


Soup doesn’t look lemak* enough, said London Bestie, Zen.

Soup has no taste- you are right!

Hahahaha!  I can tell from a glance!



IMG_6378 (photo credit- SLW)

From across another table, our gracious host catches my eye, Whiskey?  Japanese whiskey?




IMG_6285 (photo credit-  Trace)

Insert vigorous mental/emotional activity with late night texting.  Jon and I send our deepest condolences to you, Mom, and all at home.  I’m so very very sorry…


But you finished it?  Inquired Dr Chan.

Yes.  I hate wasting food.

  •  Lemak (Malay)- “Fat”.  Often used to describe richness, or lack of, in a dish.
  • (Non-lemak) Laksa was consumed at PS Cafe Petit, 38A Martin Road
  • Trace’s version popular amongst many smart women, uses the prepared sauces from the Prima brand available in London and Singapore.
  • For an exercise in absolute discipline, humour, endurance, Laksa a local curried noodle dish, can also be made from scratch.
  • 192863_10150240346211887_7071679_o-2 (From Scratch… photo credit, Cousin S)


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