Monday Musing (Hint- Must Love Dogs)

Last fall at lunch on Greek Street, Spice introduced me to a very special woman, who would quickly become, The Sweetest Friend.


The Sweetest Friend is married to the Dog Whisperer.  Lucky me; for when our schedules align, we meet in Singapore and in London.


During the week, we speak frequently.  I love listening to her; she is very, very kind and very, very wise.  At lunch today, we share local news, family matters.  The Dog Whisperer coaxes Bruno with bread, updates us on the exchange rate between the pound and the Singapore dollar (1.9X).


Meanwhile in Singapore, Spice is in fine form.

IMG_0844 photo credit- Spice

And the Class of 1982, remember them?


They gather this time for Chinese cuisine and some German expressions.

Because Singapore is a tiny city, navigation is tricky.  Someone went to school with your brother, husband, cousin.  Your husband’s favourite piano teacher is the Surrey-living aunt of your London Bestie, your childhood buddy was once married to your cousin’s cousin, and for a while, your father-in-law delivered just about everyone under the age of.

To find your way through this without stepping on a land mine?  I’m convinced it helps if you love dogs.

IMG_0819 photo credit- The Dog Whisperer

Dog people tend to speak a common language, share familiar values.  A dog sniffs through artifice, goes for the jugular.  If Mr Unfriendly likes you,  you’ve passed an unseen acid test.  If you like Bruno, chances are, you would grasp my humour.  Barriers come down, friendships are easier to forge.  But first, you must love dogs.


  •  Thank  you so much, Dog Whisperer and Wife, for a delicious lunch at L’escargot, 48 Greek Street


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