Denim on Denim

Denim on denim- yay/nay?



Yesterday, my dentist delivered good news.  You are doing a good job brushing your teeth.


He also delivered bad news.  We need to extract that wisdom tooth.  You have a ticking time bomb in your mouth.

After my dental visit, I crossed Westbourne Grove and took my ticking time bomb into the APC store.  I don’t remember the store being there when I lived in the hood.  Something about its French-Japanese aesthetic offered respite.

(Meanwhile, Bruno was doing an unbelievable job being home all alone for more than an hour!)

IMG_0740 IMG_0752

Here’s what I discovered about APC.  The design concept has strength if you like me, appreciate minimalism.  But the cutting/fit is strange on my body.  The poor SA went up and down stairs trying to find sizing that would sit correctly.  She offered me dresses I had no need for, denim skirts in 3 variations.  Because she provided such excellent service, I felt it would be in very bad taste to leave without buying something.

Denim on denim- yay/nay?


For a sensational summer look, I would suggest the blouse with skinny white jeans, chunky accessories around the neck or laden at the wrists, messy hair and a red lip.  But as we are enjoying a British summer, white trousers would show rain, hail, mud, sleet, snow, and Bruno’s paw prints.

My daughter’s meeting me for lunch.  I best get dressed.  (Blue) denim on (blue) denim?



  • Blouse purchased at APC, 34 Ledbury Road



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