One Summer Night

Last night, we were invited to celebrate the 2nd anniversary of Concept Store Y in Soho.


Yifeng who owns the business introduced me to some wonderful friends.

IMG_0727 IMG_0723

Champagne, artisanal cupcakes, and great company- how grand can life be?  Even having to wear winter on June 1 seemed almost magical in its absurdity.


When we got home, I was sobered by chilling news.  There’s been a shooting at UCLA, a suspected murder-suicide.  In Singapore, an elderly man sets himself on fire.

I lived in LA during the 1992 Race Riots, and the earthquake that saw a section of the 10 Freeway come crumbling down. During the race riots, National Guard was called in.  We stocked up on processed food, remained indoors.  The night of the earthquake, Eric drove over as soon as the tremors ceased.  My kitchen was a mess.  My neighbour’s house laid in rubble.

I’m not sure what sort of world we live in, where on a summer’s night, one is lucky to enjoy a summer soiree, another despairs drowning, and yet another huddles with classmates, fearing an armed attack.

These days I find myself praying on my knees; something I’ve not done since, childhood.

Dear God, Please keep us all safe.  Dear God, Please.


  •  Concept Store Y, 57a Brewer Street, Soho, London
  • IMG_0720
  • Yours truly received an incredible undergraduate education at the University of California, Los Angeles.  The LA years, above all experiences, shaped and clarified for me, the sort of artist and woman I would become.
  • IMG_0214 With my family, Venice Beach, 1993

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