And the Living is Easy

If it was simplicity echoed by green plants and ceramics for Spring,


this summer, I am wanting to express lightness and transience.


At the village florist, I stood mulling over the colour blue.


It’s not a colour I’ve attempted with flowers before.  But as summer is a time of conclusion and change for me, what better time to have fun, and try something new?


So the blues came home with me.


I’ve laid my table, I told Zen on Monday.


Isn’t lunch on Thursday?  She asked.

Yes it is.  But when I am hosting, my mind slips into choreographer mode- lay things out in draft 1, leave it, return to the beginning ideas with fresh eyes to edit and grow the work.


The next day, looking at my table in the morning light, I felt it needed more blue hues to soften all the white.



I learnt something else at the florist.


Because my vase is too tall, and the stems too short, cellophane can be added into the vase to help prop the plants up.


What a clever idea!  You can repeat this with a glass vase as well.  As the cellophane is transparent, when water is poured into the container, nothing shows.



Last night, I cooked Coq au Vin.


It brought to mind my cousin B who served this to us over Chinese New Year.  It also brought to mind, my grandmother.


My grandmother once said that with cooking a (new) dish, you need to do it at least 3- 4 times to really master it.


As with many other things she had said, Popo was absolutely right.

And if the Coq au Vin proves inedible tomorrow?  No worries.  Pizza Express is a skip away.


Ah, summer time; and the living is easy.

  • Chinoiserie-inspired (blue) bowls were found at Orchid, 604 King’s Road.


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