(Family) Healthcare

I took Bruno to get his rabies shot today.


While waiting, I couldn’t help but think, my family’s really spoilt when it comes to healthcare.


In Singapore, we are so lucky to have Dr Heng and her team’s careful attention.


Dr Heng is a very good friend of mine whom I met through our shared love of equus.


It was she who saved Angel’s life, 3 years ago.  She took one look at the photograph I sent of his stomach swelling like a drum, and called me immediately in the midst of a very busy day.

Tam, I don’t like the way it looks.  Bring him in, now.  

859971_336742379770193_1697234325_o (Angel post-surgery, convalescing)

That he is still with us when once he hovered at the brink of death, I remain ever grateful.  During the unexpected crisis, Dr Heng was calm, decisive, confident, unwavering- all the qualities you want in a good doctor about to perform, emergency surgery.

The only thing I asked her then, knowing how fond she was of him, was did she think she could operate unemotionally.  My friend who has put her own beloved dog down, looked at me without flinching.

Yes, Tam, I can.

Post-surgery, instead of one of those uncomfortable cone-like collars, she cleverly clothed Angel in a t-shirt to prevent him from getting to his stitches.



When living in Central London, it took me a while to find a vet whom I could trust and like as much.  We finally met Dr Prentis towards the end of our 1st year.  I like his humour, his steady, calm manners, and knowledge.

Bruno who is not keen on men, allowed Dr Prentis to cuddle, poke, inject him, without once attempting to bite back.



I’m still unfamiliar with the current local vet, as this is only our second visit.


I think the person we saw today is temporary help, while the main doctor is on maternity leave.  He was younger, earnest, and had the same quiet, unfussy energy, I really appreciate in the best of doctors.

Speaking of the best of doctors- Dr Chan, our family physician, arranged for delivery of somethings fizzy and somethings pink today.  When I removed the bottles from the box, I couldn’t help thinking in hash tags:  #myhusbandlovesmethismuch #whatagoodstarttotheweek #justwhatthedoctorordered !


  •  Dr Heng runs Mount Pleasant Animal Medical Centre (Farrer), Block 3, #02-141, Queens Road, Singapore
  • Dr Prentis runs Hyde Park Vets, 61 Connaught Street, London


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