Summer (!) Skin (!)

I am possibly, the only Londoner that peers out my window with dread, when summer arrives with so much cheer.


My heat allergy (remember Chinese New Year in Singapore…) has returned.  Yesterday I felt the prickling around my neck.


This morning, the faint little bumps and the familiar itchiness.


By lunch time, it’s paraded up my face, awaiting full victory.


Never realised your strong aversion to heat, Spice said.

Are you stressed?  Trace asked kindly.

Nope.  When I am stressed, my hair falls out- joy!

Any relation to hot flushes?  Trace wondered.

Nope- when that occurs, will let you know!

Lol!  You need to live in the Arctic!

I think so as well.

In the meantime, I have a flight bound 4 degrees north of the Equator tomorrow evening.


Translation:  That will give my heat rash, just about 12 hrs to get its act together and erupt with ferocity, across the rest of my face.

  •  Heat rash is currently treated with Xyzal to reduce inflammation and itchiness.  Against medical advice, I think I will quit this because I don’t see any point in artificially suppressing the inflammation; the itching still bites as well.  
  • If you suffer from the heat and have sensitive skin like me- ironically, when stepping outside, best cover up.
  • IMG_0081


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