Strike a Pose

Yesterday on horseback, T asked if I would be keen to model for a photographer in South West London.  He wants to shoot something equestrian-themed.


Today’s post is prompted by T’s question, and my learning that Cookie my kind, sage, generous friend, enjoys being photographed!


Above was the first shot I took.  It’s out of focus because she only just realised the camera was pointed in her direction.  She paused munching on breakfast, moved over with wide eyes.

(Note 1:  The wide-eye trick works only if you are a cute horse, or a pubescent girl.  Inhale before the camera clicks, lower chin slightly.  Your eyes will look naturally bigger and wider on film.  Post-puberty, especially at middle age, this once idiot-proof modelling trick makes us look, startled; the lowered chin creates a strange chinning effect- think double, triple chins.)

Then Cookie the secret diva decided to show me, her better side!


Pleased as punch, with her eyes demurely closed, Cookie demonstrates serious modelling chops!

(Note 2:  No matter how symmetrical a face can be, there exists a more photogenic side.  To figure out which side this is, simply cover half your face with a sheet of paper- take a good look, and then repeat with the other side.  Once you discover the more aesthetically pleasing side, go ahead and put into practice, your discovery.  If you are going to be immortalised on Facebook/Instagram, there surely is no shame in presenting yourself looking your very best.  This is the reason why Trace and I have been standing at respective sides for the last 33 years…)

73911_10150114672948902_5420563_n Photo credit- Elle Singapore, possibly 10 years ago

558872_303814323062999_1344289185_n-2 Chinese New Year, 2012

IMG_4451 November 2015 (most recent)

And then Cookie showed me the difference between what it means to be a good model, and a supermodel.

The supermodel commands the shot.  Couture, exotic location, product to be pushed, simply fade away as all eyes are drawn towards the super.  The subtle message conveyed to the consumer is buy this, wear that, be here, and you too will then have the power to be as super.


Ta Da!  Cookie with eyes still shut in contentment, leans over, usurps the frame, and sighs, Wefie…


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