Crossroads & Kelly

I’m at crossroads.  Remember Kelly?


Size 40, frank and the most timeless of bags?  She’s for sale.

Here she is resting in my closet, on the top-most shelf.


Buried in her pristine box.


Stored away with all the protective pieces intact….

IMG_9919 IMG_9920

There’s a bit of white marking on her, I haven’t bothered cleaning off.

IMG_9921 IMG_9924

(front and back)

She’s wonderfully versatile.  Sling her against the elbow nonchalantly as a day/date bag, or pack essentials for traveling.  Kelly has been there and done it all.

L1080604 (On Royal Mile in Edinburgh)

L1080693 (At Waverly Station, en route home)

This Kelly was purchased from the store on Bond Street in London.  I no longer have the original receipt, but took photographs of the actual copy.


The day we brought her home, provided much engaging material for blogging.  Only those who are versed in the Holy Grail (bag) pursuit would understand, you can’t just walk into Hermes and expect to leave with a bag of your liking.  Non.  Try instead to present yourself as bait, allowed to be lured in.  (Or you could chance spending an obscene amount of money and be offered the booby prize.)


Kelly is for sale because I’m at Crossroads, and not able to take her along.


To begin, Kelly and Bruno share the same weight, and only one is allowed in-cabin.


Kelly will not be sold at a discounted price.  Neither will she be sold at a high profit.  I am reasonable.

Lastly, Kelly will only be sold to someone residing in London or Singapore, because I will personally deliver her to you and want to sort out her fate, before/by the end of (this) summer.


  •  For more information, please contact me via the blog, or through our Facebook page, Bruno and Tammy.



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