Real Estate (Woes)

Discovered!  The quickest way to sink spirits?  Peruse real estate in New York.


I wish I was in NY now, I moaned to Dr Chan.  I need to be on the ground to grab a flat!  The prices will go up in the summer when all the new graduates, and students come into the city!

Moan, moan, moan.

Looking at something called One Union Square- 1 bed, 1 bath, $XXXXUSD, I whimpered on.  “Sunny 1 bed 1 bath, with South High Line views, $XXXXUSD…”


Why don’t you email the agent?  I like the High Line.  He said.


Cue for my heart to sink faster.  Because my husband never says no to me, I have to stay alert and be careful to not ask for what’s simply too ridiculous.


Dear New York Apartment (Without Bed Bugs and Mice, preferably with a secured entrance, clean hallways, laundry within the building, on a tree-lined street with windows NOT facing a wall nor an elevator shaft/airwell…), please find me.  Or else, I will have to think up a Plan B…

240157_203715756428016_761064013_o Katong House, 2012…

…  Plan B had me switching continents.  The market is currently weak in Singapore.  For the same amount, I could be enjoying unobstructed views of a patch of verdant rainforest, a Miele kitchen with washer and dryer facilities within my home.  Before I get too carried away, note to self-  the rainforest is but a temporary pleasure.  In Singapore, redevelopment is rapid like a contagious disease- here today, whoosh gone tomorrow; the rainforest also comes with the realities of mosquitoes, snakes, meat-eating lizards.

A snake could crawl in and eat Bruno, The Good Doctor once said gently to me.


And then what?

And then I kept clicking away and my heart that had already found its way to my feet, halted.


I know my grandmother’s house is for sale.  But to see it advertised on Property Guru felt too stunning a blow…

Freehold, on a rectangular plot, sitting atop Cheviot Hill in choice district 15.  The house is an investor’s dream.  Some person will come along, swoop it for a song, and build in its place, the unrecognisable.

How I wish I could save the house.  The house, I ironically longed so much to leave, as a child.


Dear Popo, I would give anything for the house to not be on the market, and for you to be with us again.


  •  Popo’s house is at 83-A Cheviot Hill, District 15, Singapore.  The potential of the land, its rectangular plot, its choice location and “lucky” address speaks for itself.  She has raised 7 children, 16 grandchildren, and 3 great-grandkids there.  For more information, please contact one of the agents you find on


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