Birthday, Baby Shower, Berlin & Bank Holiday

Dress code for the most indulgent weekend ever?




It’s been a while since I’ve allowed myself to do absolutely nothing but wallow in bed.


The only times I’ve gotten up and gotten dressed, were to walk Bruno, as briefly as possible.


Tucked under sheets, with my phone ringing away, I learnt-

It’s Gallery Weekend in Berlin.

IMG_9892 photo credit- Spice

You go to different parts of the city, experience the different hoods, look at some provocative art.

IMG_9890 photo credit- Spice

Wunderbar!  I texted Spice.  What’s your favourite?

IMG_9893 photo credit- Spice

Bottle art at the flea market!  He replied laughing.


In Singapore, HY celebrates his 60th birthday!


OMigoodness!  How time flies!  exclaimed my Sweetest Friend.  I remember hanging out with him on occasion in San Francisco when I was in college!

Post-dinner, HY booked Long Play for his guests.

Unknown photo credit- googled image

I know about Long Play, but I didn’t realise it’s his birthday, said Spice.


And when I finally quit lazing and chatting on the phone, Bruno and I attended a baby shower with friends.


We enjoyed ourselves, horsing around.

IMG_9847 IMG_9872

Somewhere in the midst of this laziest of Bank Holiday Weekends, I remembered to water my plants, get fresh eucalyptus for the home.


I even washed my hair, and changed into Pretty Pink, from Makers & Friends.




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