Les Amis du Chien

London Bestie Zen, is a true Singaporean foodie with discerning taste.  So when she suggested L’Escargot for lunch today, I knew Bruno and I were in for some pampering.


Located in the heart of Soho, L’Escargot the oldest French in London, prides itself for serving “bourgeois French” food.  Its stance on dining with dogs?  Les Amis du Chien!


I had brought along a basket for Bruno just in case he was not allowed to sit at the table (Polpo Soho has this new disappointing policy).  The maitre d instead offered to store the basket away, because a separate chair had already been prepared for His Royal Highness.


He can sit on the chair, or wherever he prefers– I was assured as I handed my coat over.

Hooray!  Les Amis du Chien!


The level of dog-friendliness instantly won me over.  The interiors redolent with the sort of faded old world charm I love, and the hallways lined with paintings proved to be a veritable feast for this diner’s senses.

IMG_9737 IMG_9724

As for the food?  Authentic French, etait agreable.  Escargots is the house speciality, the bread basket  generous.


Service was friendly and attentive, the other diners admired Bruno’s impeccable table manners.


Zen ordered the duck confit, I asked for the fish as it’s Friday and a dish His Majesty quite appreciates.

  •  L’Escargot, 48 Greek Street
  • Please Note:  Because Bruno goes everywhere, I have put in a lot of effort to ensure he has excellent table manners, is well-behaved in communal spaces, and a considerate commuter on all forms of public transportation.  Much as I am horse and hound-crazy, I am also aware and accepting that many people aren’t; and feel we must respect that point of view, especially in a public environment.  Like my mother and my mother-in-law, I am guilty of having little patience with ill behaviour from all animal forms.  I would never allow Bruno at the table, if he could not be trusted to get through a meal, in the manner he does.
  • IMG_5261 11719988_869544286473320_12717384_n


2 thoughts on “Les Amis du Chien

  1. He’s certainly impressive.This week I have caught Hugo eating a dead pigeon, sheep poo and bluebells.Bluebells are meant to be poisonous,the other two just disgusting.:( I think Bruno would dispair at him…x


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