This Morning

Two sounds heard this morning:  the firm shutting of my front door, my curse- single syllable, strong.

My morning was supposed to be like yesterday’s-

IMG_9597 (photo credit- WVS)

I was expecting a happy, fuss-free day.  I was looking forward to getting my hair cut.

Instead, I forgot my keys, locked us out.  I was clad in riding gear, Bruno in his pink jumper, my cell phone thankfully in my hand.

When Stupidity/Crap happens, it’s really no use being paralysed with self-pity.  Besides, I’ve starred in worse dramas before…


So after I walked Bruno, we went to the stables to cancel my ride, and to borrow money (!).  Summie on her way to Royal Free in Hampstead, managed to call me back, arranged a time to meet and get keys.

What are you going to do between now and then, Mom?  She asked.  Will you be ok?

IMG_9604 10am- 11am


With the 20pounds borrowed, I bought an oyster card and went to the hair salon to explain my situation.  The salon has a strict cancellation policy.  There was no way I could make my original appointment given the circumstances.

Becca at front desk offered to cancel the appointment without penalising me.  On a whim, because I didn’t have anywhere else to go, I asked if Joey was free, and if there was any way they could retrieve my card details and charge me for his services.


Not only was Joey free, he offered to buy me a drink and lend me more money!  Becca said to not worry about payment for now, and to just call in with my card details later.  Then Zen texted, inviting us over.  When we got to hers, she fed Bruno and asked if I needed to borrow any money!

Mom, do you need money?  I’ll go get you some- the resourceful daughter said when we eventually met at 1:15pm.


In the end, it turned out to be a day of positivity and good cheer.  Some facts experienced/relearnt include:

Fact 1: A good hair cut can cure a bad day.


Fact 2:  Horse-folk can often be counted on to offer generosity and sensible help in time of need.  (Thank you, Tash, Jen, Carol and Fernanda at WVS).

Fact 3:  When we take care of those around us whom we love, they in turn will surprise us in time of need, no matter the need.

Fact 4:  Past a certain age, a woman can’t quite leave home without looking neat, because you never know when the unexpected may strike, and Fact 5:  Service is quicker, more inclined to help, when one is not dishevelled in distress.

Fact 6:  Have oyster card, will travel.

IMG_9614 12:30pm, Tower Bridge

Fact 7:  Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Fact 8:  Money can make the world go round.

Thank you-

  •  Wimbledon Village Stables, 24 a/b High Street, 020 8946 8579
  • Joey Wheeler at Richard Ward Hair & Metrospa, 82 Duke of York Square, 020 7730 1222
  • Zen at Makers & Friends,





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