I looked it up.  On Wikipedia, Affogato is explained as an Italian word, meaning “drowned”.  It also refers to a “coffee-based dessert”- a scoop of vanilla ice-cream drowning in a shot of expresso, or some coffee-tasting alternative.


I don’t drink coffee, nor eat dessert.  I never have.  But Affogato with that bite of accompanying bitterness is something I’ve learnt to enjoy in London.  I first tried it on Fulham Road.  Polpo does a decent rendition as well.


It’s a tasty, relaxing way to conclude a meal.  Last Tuesday at the MOMA, I had the added treat of Affogato served with baileys and kahlua.


The liquor portions were generous.  I felt myself in need of a soda afterwards, as a strange lightness began to grip me when standing before the Impressionists.


By the time I got to my old friend/favourite painting, my head was spinning.


Matisse was experimenting with colour in its purest form, I told my husband.  Blue a primary colour- is just blue, no mixing… the painting originally hung along a staircase, hence the proportion and placement of the figures, as the staircase curved upwards…

I think my speech was possibly slurred and my facts conveniently confused.


Ah, drunken affogato… a drunk drowning.


(Alliteration, Tautology, or Both?)

  •  Polpo, 41 Beak Street, London (dog-friendly, but Bruno no longer allowed to sit at the table)
  • Terrace 5 at the MOMA, 11 West 53rd Street, NY



4 thoughts on “Affogato

  1. I am partial to a good affogato too, but I’ve found iced coffee (either cold brew or Japanese) is a really interesting variation to the original which flash freezes into little crystals and you get pops of crunchy coffee interspersed in your dessert.


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