Girl Power

Back in Blighty on a cold Spring Monday, I surrendered my discombobulated self to the healing hands of Amanda Hall.


I met Amanda, riding.  Horses have been a big part of her life since she was about 8 years old.  Not only did she have her own horses in her native New Zealand, she’s worked with them closely in their training and performance, competing in eventing to a very high level.


Amanda once considered becoming an equine physiotherapist.  A few “tumbles” off her beloved horses offered pause and perspectives.  In 2011, after dedicating her 20s to higher education and graduating as a top scholar, Amanda came to London.  Her intention was to “travel the world”, appease “the need to just go live…”


Amanda travelled to 20 different places.  “That’s what made me a better person… more than University”, she mused.  Returning to London, she worked as a physiotherapist for an established practice where she had the good fortune of treating and encountering people from all over the world.  A common refrain heard was- “We Love Amanda”.  And Amanda the girl so in tune with horses, love people right back.


Two months ago, Amanda left the establishment to create her own business.  She explained that doing her own thing has always been in her thoughts.


To date, she is convinced it is the best thing she has ever done.  Certified to also teach pilates and administer acupuncture, Amanda speaks passionately about wanting to offer clients a more holistic approach to the management of injury and the recovery process.  She is as determined to help educate, help people better understand these moments and their bodies.  Because of her own injuries and set-backs, Amanda also offers sincere empathy.

Avulsed ligaments, shattered radial head, dislocated elbow, fractured ulna– I rattled as she listened kindly.


Last therapy session was last November… er, I haven’t quite continued with my strengthening exercises… I have all the bands… in all the colours… they put in a plate, and 7 screws… I can’t do push-ups anymore, I haven’t gone into handstand since…  No, I can’t touch my shoulder.

Amanda listened, sighed and laughed along with me.  She checked my range of motion, noted the tightness in my shoulder, walked me through a few exercises and then began to manipulate my arm.  We talked about dance, dreams, and horses.


“After all that, and you still love Dumpling?”  She asked.

IMG_2347 Yes.

By the end of the session, I could straighten my arm to full extension, flex and pronate that wee bit more.

I’ve been very blessed to have had the best doctors in Singapore sort me out, and then wonderful therapists assist me through rehabilitation.  In London, I am indebted to Rowan at Six Physio whose work helped me get back on Dumpling within 5 months of falling.  This morning, I experienced that same combination of cheerful skill, gentle humour, and kind intelligence, we all seek in healthcare.

  •  Amanda Hall Physiotherapy, 0771 332 8769  
  • (Amanda did not charge me for this morning’s session.  Thank you so much, Amanda!)
  • All pictures belong to Amanda, and used with her permission.  Pilates studio credit/featured-  Jonathan Lee Pilates Centre of Movement Excellence

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